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[Laser/Precision Sheet Metal Working/Welding]
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■Kurashiki Laser Co., Ltd

Kurashiki Laser will continue taking on challenges.

Challenging Speed

Seven high-speed cutting machines are introduced, thus achieving around-the-clock non-attendant operations.

Challenging Price Destruction

We established a program center in China, thereby reducing costs as well as achieving shortened time of delivery.

Challenging Improved Quality

We aim to strengthen the inspection system and facilities, thus achieving “ZERO” defective products.

Challenging Thick Plate Cutting

SUS: 20 mm (Non-oxidation cutting), SS materials: 30 mm, Aluminum: 16 mm (A5052)
Speed is what creates the future production and delivery times.
Speeding up: We can flexibly deal with design changes to significantly reduce the delivery period.
Around-the-clock non-attendant operations: Establishment of the Program Center will further speed-up the operations.
Wide range of technologies covering steel sheets and thick plates: We will provide the best-quality products at overwhelming speeds.
Kurashiki Laser will actualizefaster delivery, lower prices, and higher quality than any other company in the industry.

Business Lines

Work Flow

Estimation・Order Taking
Production Control




Laser Processing
Laser/Turret Punch Processing



Our unique estimation system utilizing CAD data and our database system achieve reliable production/delivery period control as well as the pricing system!

Data is created by utilizing the CAD/CAM/Nesting System that was developed using perfect know-how on laser processing machines.

A 3D-CAD is used for complicated drawings!
The high-speed processing machines featuring the automatic material feeder achieve quick product delivery not only for small-lot production, but also for multiple-lot production. We can deal with a variety of needs from various types of customers requiring large size, steel sheets, thick plates, pipes, etc.! Streamlined de-burring and chamfering work will result in higher productivity, which also enhances quick delivery!



YAG・TIG Welding




Final Products

We have as many as 11 small and large bending machines in total. Ensuring highl-precision and flexible processing technologies! We particularly concentrate on the finishing of the weld process by utilizing state-of-the-art YAG/TIG robots!

Profile and process status of products are checked one by one in each process.

Furthermore, we provide precise measurement and inspection using 2D measuring instruments!

We are determined to make persistent efforts to satisfy versatile needs in various fields!


New Information

■Laser Cutting Machine
・Work size:
Max. 1,524 × 3,048 (Head Office)
(There are limitations for some sizes.)
・Limits for plate thickness:
25 mm (Mild steel)
30 mm (SUS)
16 mm(Aluminum A5052)
■Turret Punch Press
・Work size:
Max. 1,219 × 2,438
・・Limits for plate thickness:
SS (3.2 t)
SUS (2.0 t)
There are certain limitations that may apply depending on  materials and shape.
・Max. bending width: 4,000 mm
・Max. pressure: 250 t
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■Laser Processing
・Gear profiles
・Polished materials
・Thick plates
・Pipe processing
■Bending Work
・”R” bending
・Step bending
■Welding Process
・YAG welding
・TIG welding
・Robot welding
■Weld Scale Removing/Finishing
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■Stainless Steel
Various types of SUS
Various types of aluminum materials of A5052P
Various types of SS materials
Brass, acrylic resins, etc.
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