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Kurashiki Laser Co., Ltd.

■Machine Information

Laser Processing

Laser cutting features, including a cutting width that is only about 0.3 mm, and less thermal effect on metals provides less distortion, which ensures flexible processing profiles and smooth cutting surfacesby by using NC data. In addition, laser cutting is suitable for high-mix low-volume production and for parts, including production prototypes, as well as products having special profiles.

To promote reduction in unit prices and quick delivery, we will positively introduce high-speed processing machines, thus dealing with mass production in a positive way.

High-Speed Laser Processing Machine

To deliver customers with economical and stable products in a shorter delivery period, we are positively promoting the introduction of state-of-the-art, high-speed machines.

Automatic Feeding Machine for Laser Cutting (Self-developed machine; Patent pending for a part)

With an expectation for around-the-clock full production, we developed and self-manufactured a system that can automatically feed and recover materials by controlling NC and the automatic feeding system with a personal computer, which enabled enhanced efficiency, quick delivery, and reduction in unit prices by ensuring continuous production. Furthermore, to reduce scratches at the back of products, we adopted a recovery function featuring a special structure that was developed with our own know-how.

Precision Sheet Metal Working

We are making a strong effort to perform precision sheet metal working in addition to laser cutting. We undertake processing of products within our company, covering bending, welding, and finishing of products that we cut.

BendCAM(Bending Machine)


・Bending of large-size articles up to 3,000 mm is possible.
・ Versatile types of bending including “R” bending and box bending can be dealt with.
・ The NC-controlled bending process ensures even and stable bending precision.
・ Introduction of BendCAM has significantly reduced setup time, thus ensuring further streamlining of production.



TIG Welding/TIG Welding Robot



We always aim to manufacture products while emphasizing their quality, and we take good care to manufacture products that present beautiful workmanship, including removal of welding scales after TIG welding and polishing of welded areas.
We provide all sorts of products, including covers for semiconductor equipment up to signboards according to customers’ needs before delivering them to the customer.  


We offer manufacturing with unified data from CAD data up to finished products. For this purpose, we utilize a CAD/CAM system (IVYCAD), which we developed and customized with our expertise in laser processing and by applying the processing know-how.
We have established versatile processing methods that enable easy creation of processing data in which a seamless operation environment between CAD and CAM, as well as complicated processing methods, are counted, and also enables the creation of NC data for achieving high-precision cutting and speedy processing Making a database of processing methods enables easy creation of cutting and processing data that can work with multiple laser processing machines. Furthermore, we started to use the nesting system at an early stage to efficiently allocate materials.

Graphic display programs using cutting/processing data created with CAD/CAM are employed, and data containing allocation of multiple types of products on the material to be cut or processed is created, thus improving the yield ratio and work efficiency by minimizing wasted time. We control material inventory to rapidly respond to customer needs without maintaining wasteful inventory.
Realization of collaboration of 25 persons from China (Beijing) and 15 persons from Japan.
NC data for up to 15,000 pieces/month can be created


Customizing is easy and our unique processing methods can also be reflected.
Since random approaches are possible, it is possible to realize versatile processing methods.

Automatic Nesting

Graphics of multiple types of articles can be automatically nested while ensuring good yield ratio, which contributes to significant improvement in wasted materials and time, thus ensuring reduction in unit prices and quick delivery.

Inventory Control

By making a database for material control, cooperative operations among sales, CAD, and factory can be enhanced for better inventory control, thus shortening the time required for placing an order and preventing an out-of-inventory situation.  

List of Machines Introduced

Equipment Manufacturer Performance Remarks
Laser processing machine Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Stainless Steel 0.3~20.0t

・Work size:
1524 x 3048

Iron materials 0.5~16.0t
Aluminum 0.5~12.0t
Bending machine TOYOKOUKI Co,. Ltd. Max. bending width 3000mm  
Max. pressure 125t
Welding robot DAIHEN Corporation Tig welding robot
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