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【Laser/Precision Sheet Metal Working/Welding】
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Kurashiki Laser Co., Ltd.



Ordering System

●Customer who places an order for the first time

Contact us over the phone or via e-mail.
We will send by facsimile a designated document.
Upon entering the required information on the document, send it back to us via facsimile together with drawings and formats for articles to be processed.
Do not forget to enter materials, plate thickness, quantity, date of delivery, and other pertinent information. If you want to ship the product, please indicate said instruction on the document.

●Customer who has already used the ordering system

Send your order sheet via facsimile as usual.
(To shorten the response time, be sure to correct illegible portions concerning dimensions and other pertinent information.)
If you place your order via e-mail, be sure to attach DXF data. If said data is not available, attach the drawing data (TIF format).
Use of DXF data contributes to shortened response time since calculation will be performed immediately by using the dedicated estimation software (Gdraw).

* We do not verbally take orders or offer estimation over the phone since we cannot confirm dimensions and other pertinent information.
  You are kindly requested to send drawings via facsimile or other means. Please do not forget to enter materials, plate thickness, quantity, date of delivery, and other pertinent information.

●Customer who requests an estimate

For requesting an estimate, be sure to send drawing(s). When requesting an estimate via e-mail, be sure to attach DXF files.
Accurate estimation is not possible through oral communication, which may result in problems. Be sure to send drawings and other pertinent information.

For character data or complex processing profiles, such as that of a signboard, be sure to contact us in advance, since there are some restrictions, including minimum R, that must be processed.

●Payment Method

■ Business Corporations
We request payment in cash only for the initial transaction.
Contact us for further information concerning payment method for all consecutive transactions. We are ready for accepting sale by credit.

■ Individuals
Principally, we request payment in cash.

●Data Compatibility

File Format: DXF, Illustrator

Media:  FD (1.44 MB DOS format), MO (128 MB,230 MB,640 MB DOS format)

Compression Format: LZH,ZIP

Other Precautions
General: Profiles to be processed should be registered together in the same layer. Do not register dimensions, remarks, etc. in the same layer as that for profiles to be processed.
DXF: Data should be created in exact sizes. A profile to be processed should be created by using straight lines and circular arcs. Spline curves cannot be processed with laser processing machines.
Illustrator: Data is supported up to Illustrator7.0. Profile data should be converted into outline data, and only lines should be compiled as data.


Inquiry Form

Contact us at the following numbers for inquiries, placing orders, or for further information regarding CO2 laser processing and precision metal work:
Phone: +86-21-5778-4660 / FAX:+86-21-5778-4661
Enter necessary items and inquiries on the following mail form, and press the SEND button.

The Items marked with are mandatory.
Person in Charge
※Handling of Personal Information
We strictly manage the personal information of customers provided to us via the Entry Form and e-mails.
We will not disclose or provide the information to any third party unless otherwise disclosure is requested by judicial or investigating authorities pursuant to official procedures under laws or regulations.

Laser Cutting/Precision Metal Work

   Request/Inquiry for Estimate/Processing
KRT Laser (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86-21-5778-4660

Contact: Hana Hatanaka
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Contact: Chen Xiangyu
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